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For students - Bachelor

The OOED department prepare the specialists on two standards of studying:

  • Bachelor Degree Program ,
  • Master Degree Program ,
as well as specialists of the higher skills: PhD and Doctor of Science (DSc).
Students have an opportunity to study on a speciality " Marketing in industrial sphere" and "Economy of the enterprise" for obtaining the second diploma of economy.

Bachelor Degree Course

    The OOED department turns out specialists on the field of knowledge 15 "Automatization and instumentation", direction 152 "Metrology, informatic and measurement systems", specializations "Photonics and optoinformatic"
direction 151 "Automatization and computer technologies", specializations "Optoelectronical computer oriented system and technologies"
with professional skill "Bachelor of Science in Optical Engineering".
The term of bachelors training for the daily studying is 4 years.
Degree course include such cycles of study: humanities, abstract disciplines, applied disciplines.

Cycles size distribution
Humanities 12%
Abstract disciplines 26%
Applied disciplines 62%

Name Credits/Hours Name Credits/Hours
History of Ukraine 5/180 Ukrainian language 3/108
Philosophy 3/108 Foreign language 10.5/382
Disciplines on choice 8/288

Abstract disciplines
Name Credits/Hours Name Credits/Hours
Mathematics 25/900 Ecology 2/72
Physics 10.5/382 Chemistry 4/144
Information science 10.5/378 Technical drawing 8.5/306

Applied disciplines
Name Credits/Hours Name Credits/Hours
Protection of Life 2/72
Theory of the radiation 4/144 Theory of the optical systems 13/468
Wave optics 13/468 Quantum optics 4.5/162
Photo-electronic devices15/540 Theory of automatic control 3/108
Basics of the radio circuits4/144 Electronics 8/288
Microcontrollers in optoelectronics4/144 Technical mechanics 3/108
Construction materials 3.108 Laser technique 4/144
Optical instument-making technology9.5/342 Optical devices design 10.5/378
CADs for instrument-making industry5.5/198 Optical measurements 4.5/162
Management 1/36 Basics of the device designing 8.5/306
Field work 11/330 Thesis preparing 9/324

Optional ( on choice) disciplines
Name Credits/Hours Name Credits/Hours
Numerical methods in optics 4/144 Applied programming 135
Inspecting of the optical devices 4/144 Signal and image processing 4/144

Total range of the course - 247.5 credits (8910 teaching periods).